Why Using YouTube and Photography is a Great Way to Enhance Your Travel Blog



Photo credit: Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is a well known travel blogger who uses her YouTube Channel in conjunction with her blog. She is an avid traveler who takes excellent photographs, shares great tips, and speaks about her experiences on her blog/channel. One particular example is her post “Whale Watching in Los Cabos” where she speaks about her experience, uses photographs, and finishes off with a video.

Nadine’s use of these three mediums and ideas are an effective PR tool to attract all different types of readers. Many people go to blogs because they like to read about people’s opinions. This blog post features Nadine’s opinions about when the best time to travel to Los Cabos is, while talking about her specific experience whale watching. She takes you through her day while giving you tips along the way. For example, she recommends bringing a jacket or sweatshirt based on her experience on the water. She then takes you through her emotions as she sees a whale for the first time. This is a good idea because it allows her readers to feel a personal connection with her, meaning that they will want to come back for more.

The use of photography helps attract a different reader. Not only does it enhance the blog by making it visually interesting, but it also attracts people who are more into photos than words. It also helps to prove that Nadine is an expert because it give readers visual proof of her experiences and what she is talking about. In this particular blog she uses a variety of photographs including one of her hotel, pictures of scenery while on the boat, beaches, and photos of the whales of course. This also helps to differentiate her blog. There are many travel blogs out there, but none of them feature Nadine’s pictures. From exploring her blog it is obvious that photography is something Nadine is not only passionate about, but also very good at. This will keep her readers wanting more.

With just about every blog post, Nadine has an accompanying YouTube video. This particular blog post has a video of clips from this trip with background music. The YouTube video is of course purely visual. This attracts another kind of reader who may not be a reader at all. Many of Nadine’s posts which contain tips for traveling for example have a video to go along with it of her talking about whatever she posted. This means that if a person didn’t want to read the post at all they could just watch the video.

Nadine effectively uses words, photographs, and YouTube videos to enhance her blog and make it appealing to many different types of readers. Her choice of words enhances her public image by making readers feel as if they are traveling alongside her. Her style of blog appeals to a wide audience helping her gain popularity.



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