JetBlue Vacations


JetBlue Vacations, previously titled JetBlue Getaways, allows customers to purchase airfare and hotel stays in one easy step. Although other airlines such as Delta do offer air plus travel packages, JetBlue stands out because they have an entire website dedicated to this portion of their business.

JetBlue Vacations is positive for both the business and PR aspect of their corporation. The website is user friendly with 24/7 customer service. Based on its design, customers do not need to know where they want to travel prior to visiting the website like what is presented from Delta. Instead, they have the opportunity to search the most popular travel packages as well as those with the best deals at the moment. Creating JetBlue Vacations helps customers feel engaged through customer support, and makes the brand more well rounded. This allows perspective customers to see that they are more than just an airline and are true experts in the field.

One particular aspect of JetBlue Vacations that was a good move on behalf of the brand, is the fact that when you book a JetBlue Vacations package you check your first bag free. This was a good PR move because airlines have received a lot of backlash, especially JetBlue, for making customers pay for their checked bag. Previously, JetBlue was one of the only airlines that didn’t charge for one bag. However, the introduction of payment has caused a negative response online. Allowing JetBlue Vacations customers to check one bag free is also an incentive for them to book their hotel through the company as well thus increasing profit.

The fact that JetBlue changed the name from JetBlue Getaways to JetBlue Vacations is also a significant PR move. In PR it is important to be as clear as possible. If someone is flying on a plane it is obvious that they are “getting away” from their home and everyday life. The original name did not imply what exactly that aspect of the business was about. Due to the fact that they changed the name to JetBlue Vacations, it is very clear that you are visiting the cite to book your entire trip rather than just airfare.

Overall, the incorporation of JetBlue Vacations to their company website is a good PR move because it allows the public to view the company as travel experts rather than just an airline. They incorporate many incentives such as checking the first bag free and guaranteeing the best price, which makes the business more appealing. Their regular offerings of deals generates attention and traffic to the website.


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